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Clarksville TN Commercial Roofing – How To Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks


Clarksville TN Commercial Roofing

Do you have a Clarksville TN Commercial Roofing issue? Roof leaks can be frustrating, damaging, unsafe, and costly to any facility, especially when not resolved in a timely manner. Some commoncommercial roofing nashville tn issues that cause commercial roof leaks include membrane failures, drains and gutter issues, ponding water, and flashings.

Below are 8 tips to help prevent roof leaks from hanging over your head:

  1. Ensure your roof is properly draining and not holding or ponding water.
  2. Inspect your ceilings and walls from inside the building to look for evidence of roof leaks or other damage that may have occurred.
  3. Periodically check for coping or metal flashing that’s missing.
  4. Remove debris like leaves, sticks, and garbage so they don’t cause a backup in the drains.
  5. Avoid sending anyone on the roof to remove snow who’s not specifically trained to avoid causing damage to your roof.
  6. Eliminate labor costs of a follow-up service call by asking the roofing tech on site to make simple repairs on the same visit.
  7. Implement a routine maintenance plan to help double your roof’s lifespan.
  8. Having to request a call-back for a roof leak that was supposedly just fixed can be even more frustrating than the roof leak itself. Hire only roofers who self-perform the work to better control the quality of the technicians, as well as the workmanship.

Commercial Roofing Contractors, You Can Trust

We are a Clarksville commercial roofing company we specialize in Waterproofing low-sloped roofs. We do our best to satisfy all of our customers and can guarantee we will save you money and go the extra mile to make sure you have a leak-free roof.

We stand out from other contractors, we only take final payment when the customer is fully satisfied. This means our customers never have to worry about the quality of the installation and the effectiveness of the product.

Kirkman Commercial Roofing is a local, family-owned and operated roofing contractor, based in Elkton, KY servicing the Hopkinsville and surrounding areas. we specialize in restoring and revitalizing aging roofs with superior products backed by decades of performance.

We offer up to an 18-year warranty. Local Western Kentucky commercial roofing company we specialize in Spray Foam & Elastomeric Rubber Roof Coatings. We guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Trust Kirkman Commercial Roofing in Clarkesville to professionally install, maintain, and repair your roof. With Kirkman Roofing, you can rest assured that our team members have the craftsmanship and experience to ensure every job exceeds your expectations and is completed on time.

CALL US TODAY (270) 604-9165

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Commercial Roofing Russellville KY

Looking for Commercial Roofing Russellville KY

You’ve probably heard us preach this in the past about commercial roofing– but this phrase still holds true today! Not all Russellville KY commercial roofs need to be replaced. In fact, studies* show as many as 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily due to poor information.Commercial Roofing Russellville KY - Commercial Metal Roofing

For a persistent, leaky roof that seems to be stuck in the leak-repair-leak-repair cycle, the standard way of thinking leans toward a complete roof tear-off and replacement. But that’s not always the smartest solution.  A professional roof restoration can be a better way to not only bring the roof back to a watertight condition under warranty but also extend its life as a sustainable effort instead of filling a landfill with truckloads of tear-off material.

How do you know if your roof can be restored?

There’s state-of-the-art technology available in the commercial roofing industry that utilizes a visual analysis, infrared scan, and core sample for testing and analysis to detect a roof’s remaining useful life down to exact years and months.

The results also give a clear picture of a roof’s current condition. If a roof doesn’t have wet insulation, it’s most likely a candidate for a restoration. And that commercial roof restoration Russellville KY saves time, money, and disruption over a standard replacement.

If a roof is determined to require a replacement, be sure to check out options because there are new systems available on the market that offer seamlessness, better waterproofing, and more weather resistance.

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