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Looking for Commercial Roofing Russellville KY

You’ve probably heard us preach this in the past about commercial roofing– but this phrase still holds true today! Not all Russellville KY commercial roofs need to be replaced. In fact, studies* show as many as 85% of roofs are replaced unnecessarily due to poor information.Commercial Roofing Russellville KY - Commercial Metal Roofing

For a persistent, leaky roof that seems to be stuck in the leak-repair-leak-repair cycle, the standard way of thinking leans toward a complete roof tear-off and replacement. But that’s not always the smartest solution.  A professional roof restoration can be a better way to not only bring the roof back to a watertight condition under warranty but also extend its life as a sustainable effort instead of filling a landfill with truckloads of tear-off material.

How do you know if your roof can be restored?

There’s state-of-the-art technology available in the commercial roofing industry that utilizes a visual analysis, infrared scan, and core sample for testing and analysis to detect a roof’s remaining useful life down to exact years and months.

The results also give a clear picture of a roof’s current condition. If a roof doesn’t have wet insulation, it’s most likely a candidate for a restoration. And that commercial roof restoration Russellville KY saves time, money, and disruption over a standard replacement.

If a roof is determined to require a replacement, be sure to check out options because there are new systems available on the market that offer seamlessness, better waterproofing, and more weather resistance.